826 South Elbert Street
PO Box 1598
Elizabeth, CO 80107

Welcome to Our Church

The Harvest Bible Church family seeks to joyfully worship God, boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Two Services At Harvest Bible Church

9:00 AND 10:45

Beginning June 3, 2018 our second service will be moving back to 10:45.  This will allow for a smother transition between services.

Brief overview of the changes:

  • 1st Service (9:00) – Children will have no changes in their current routine (sing in, service, dismiss to Children’s Church, either be picked up by parents or be transferred over to Sunday School at 10:40).
  • 2nd Service (10:45) – Children will sign in & come to worship service, be dismissed to Sunday School at approximately 10:55.
  • 1st Service (9:00) –Adult Sunday School class begins November 5th in the basement, led by Don Gunn and Harold Anderson.
  • 2nd Service (10:45) –Adult Sunday School class led by Lance Maynard & Curtis Marshall will move from the loft to the basement.
  • Worship Services will remain virtually the same.