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Youth Pastor Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in the position of Youth Pastor at Harvest Bible Church. If you are considering this Church as a possible base for ministering the Gospel to students that is exciting for us. Five years ago God led me to Harvest through a series of unmistakable God moves. At the time I was convinced God was the primary mover in bringing us to Harvest. You are considering Harvest and that means you are in transition. Transitions are difficult and often confusing. I found Jesus to be incredibly faithful as I transitioned from Vietnam to Elizabeth Colorado. I pray he is clear for you in the steps he is leading you through in this time. If I could describe our church in a few sentences I would be hard pressed. Harvest is a community of followers of Jesus with warts and all. We come together around the Gospel and Jesus. It is a special place filled with God-following people. As you go through this process please feel free to call me with your questions. Pastor Jim Kimbriel 303-483-5182 After reading through the Job Description and looking at our church, please send your resume to office@go-harvest.org

HBC Youth Pastor Job Description

Status:  Full-time Salaried

Reports To:  Sr. Pastor

Hours:  50 Hour per week +

Benefits:  Health Insurance, Continuing Education

General Purpose of Position

To build young disciples for Christ by developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to youth ministry -including but not limited to team building, worship, discipleship, missions, outreach, and evangelism- while serving as a spiritual leader and role model.

Organizational Relationship and Supervision

The Youth Pastor reports to the Senior Pastor for spiritual and ministry guidance.  The Youth Pastor will provide a quarterly report to the elder’s and participate in an annual review prepared by the Senior Pastor and approved by the elders.  HBC church leadership will provide a safe/secure place for all youth activities to take place.

Primary Task

Develop and implement  a comprehensive approach to youth ministry at all levels;

  • Love youth where they are
  • Encourage youth in developing their relationship with God (discipleship)
  • Provide them with opportunities to understand and develop their Spiritual Gifts and for nurture and growth
  • Challenge them to respond to God’s call in their lives to serve in their communities and world


  • Be an advocate for youth and inform the congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of youth in the local church and community.
  • Help plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a balanced youth ministry in the areas of team building, worship, discipleship, missions, outreach, and evangelism.
  • Develop and guide the work of a Student Leadership Team or equivalent body in a continuous process of developing and evaluating the vision and goals of the youth ministry and directing monthly planning sessions.
  • Mentor youth in developing their leadership skills and Spiritual Gifts.
  • Utilizing appropriate resources for developing the youth ministry programming and participate in continuing education events and training opportunities.
  • Recruit and train volunteers who work with youth in all aspects of youth ministry and ensure adequate volunteer support and adult to youth ratios.
  • Employ the youth volunteers in small groups in the midweek meetings. They are to be seen as the main Disciple-Makers in the ministry.
  • Be a liaison between the church and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to youth and youth ministries.
  • Coordinate Sunday school curriculum for youth (grades 6-12) and recruit teachers in partnership with the appropriate Church leadership.
  • Work in partnership with the missions to effectively reach youth in the community and develop a strategic youth ministry outreach plan.
  • Keep records of youth participation and manage the youth ministry budget.
  • Communicate in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, bulletin, newsletter, bulletin board, etc.) Ensure communication with church staff and leadership, parents, and the congregation as a whole.
  • Make yourself available to youth in a variety of ways (attendance at extracurricular activities, visitation, times of crisis, etc.)
  • Work in concert with the gifts and talents of other staff members and maintain a teamwork mentality.
  • Ensure that the Child Protection Policy is observed in all youth ministry settings.

Qualifications and Aptitudes

  • Must agree to and uphold HBC Statement of Faith, and all HBC Policy Statements.
  • Must be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Greek term for “disciple” in the New Testament is mathetes, which means more than just “student” or “learner”.  A disciple is a “follower”, someone who adheres completely to the teachings of another making them his rule of life and conduct.  The Pharisees prided themselves in being disciples of Moses (John 9:28).  Jesus’ followers were called “disciples”.  Their discipleship began with Jesus’ call and required them to exercise their will in response (Matthew 9:9).  Jesus was quite explicit about the cost of following Him.  Discipleship requires a totally committed life: “Any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple”.  (Luke 14:33) Sacrifice is expected:  “Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.”  (Matthew 16:24)
  • Understands that their calling is one of sacrifice, opposition and struggle. They must create a team of people committed to the mission of not just making disciples, but disciples that make disciples.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field is minimum requirement.
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills.
  • Must possess a proven ability to work effectively with youth, and build a team of diverse individuals, and volunteers.

Harvest Bible Council of Elders  9/20/2019

A Few Words From the Pastor and Elders: As an individual considers the Youth Pastor position, there are many challenges and struggles in ministry. Below we mention or quote a few. As Senior Pastor at Harvest, I carry a responsibility for the flock of God at Harvest. I share that responsibility with other under shepherds called “elders.” We are not looking for a hired hand, but rather another under shepherd that will concentrate on the youth (Middle school-High school). The elders also recognize that the ministry must be bigger than one person can handle. Therefore, we will support the youth ministry by recruiting volunteers to be small group leaders, and parents to help facilitate the ministry.
The Challenge of Youth Ministry in Elizabeth Colorado Harvest Bible Church is uniquely situated in a Kingdom Building location. Our church members live in the center of one of the fastest growing communities in America. Currently the Town of Elizabeth has 1500 people. The town is anticipating a growth averaging 1000 people per year for the next 20+ years. The unincorporated areas around Elizabeth will also see substantial growth in the next 20+ years. The sheer numbers of individuals moving into our area, and the spiritual needs represented by each of those individuals is staggering. The culture of Elizabeth will change from predominantly rural to predominantly suburban over the next decades. We are fast becoming another bedroom community for those working in Denver.

Thoughts and Questions for the pastor regarding Pastoral Ministry “Some pressures and pitfalls are unique to pastoral ministry, such as the constant anxiety for the spiritual well-being of others and the great responsibility of teaching God’s Word (2 Cor 11:28; Jas 3:1). Others are intensified versions of the challenges facing every would-be disciple who must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Christ (Luke 9:23). Is our commitment to Christ even deeper than our commitment to our family (Luke 14:26)? Do we love and cling to Christ more than to possessions and the pleasures of this life (Luke 8:14; 18:22–25)? Do we crave the approval of others more than the reward of God, who sees in secret (Matt 6:1– 6)? The Lord summons us to “sit down and count the cost” of being his disciple lest our lives resemble an unfinished tower that workers abandoned due to lack of planning (Luke 14:28– 30). Those who apply to seminary and who interview for pastoral positions and other ministry positions should “count the cost,” lest they fail to continue in faithful discipleship and gospel ministry.” Brian Tabb