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Listening to Jesus


Listening to Jesus

Listening is a skill. My wife has the skill. Not just to hear the words but also to hear the speaker.

This morning my wife ended a phone conversation and looked at me. She’s said those dreaded

words, “Their voice was flat.” Understand, at this time of year, my house is full of energy and

noise. Young kids are truly unable to hold in their Christmas excitement. Every time I turn

around one of our kids is snooping, talking, laughing,yelling of pestering with “Christmas


I am reminded that Jesus coming was not necessary for us to give gifts, but to fundamentally

change our condition. Without Jesus’ coming, all our voices would be flat. No energy. No life. No

excitement. We would continue in the valley of shadows and walk in darkness. We needed an

event. We needed Jesus to come. We needed his birth, but we also needed his perfect life,and

his atoning death. We needed Jesus.

My challenge with my young draughts is the same challenge Mary faced. How to transform

anticipation to realization. How to see Jesus’ coming as the beginning, not the end. How to see

Jesus’ death as my new life, not just a historical event. How do I get a seven year old and a

twelve year old to focus on the person of Jesus and not the event of gift giving? Mary had years

to experience Jesus. She had time with Him. The cumulative effect of being with Jesus

transformed Mary. Time with Jesus transforms.

My challenge with my daughters is my own challenge. Spending time with Jesus. Being with

Jesus is the daily event that transforms my life. His life in me keeps my voice from flatness. He

is the energy giver, and life giver. He is expanding my life and that is what I want for all my

children this Christmas.

I received a card from some friends this Christmas season that powerfully moved me.

Do you know who you hold, Mary?

You secure the Author of grace.

He who is ageless is now moments old.

He who strides upon the stars,

Now has legs too weak to walk;

The hands which held the oceans are now an infant’s fist.

To him who has never asked a question,

You will teach the name of the wind.

The source of language will learn words from you,

He who has never stumbled, you will carry.

He who has never hungered, you will feed.

The King of creation is in your arms.

This season, be like Mary, and spend time with Jesus.